Let’s begin. 

  1. The torture and murder of Junko Furuta: And this is the murder case that took away my faith in humanity, when I first came across it years back. It’s no ordinary murder case, the things those boys did to her were beyond disgusting and makes me want to vomit several times. WARNING: the site contains pictures as well as descriptions IMMENSE trigger warning for this. 
  2. Baby swingingA video went viral a couple years back about a woman who was swinging a newborn baby around, tossing it up and down as if the baby were a ball. Many were appalled by this, and flagged her down for torture, but in Russia this is an acceptable practice and they believe this “dynamic gymnastics” will make the baby healthy and strong. That in of itself, is extremely controversial, but here’s a snopes article that will give you more information 
  3. Trypophobia: (I link you to actual pictures of trypophobia so watch out) It’s the fear of holes but trust me, it’s a LOT worser than it sounds. It’s not actually recognized as a real phobia by the American Psychiatric Association but a lot of people seemed to be repulsed by it. Some scientists say it’s more of biological repulsion rather than a learned cultural fear. 
  4. Anneliese Michel Exorcism Audio TapesReal audio of her actual exorcism, you can read about her case here and scroll down that link for a translated version of the audio tapes
  5. Lisa’a 911 call: I don’t want this to be classified as horror as the same way you would see a monster but in a way that brings awareness to the terrifying world of domestic abuse and the innocent people that are suffering from it right now. This little girl’s 911 call hits hard, especially certain parts. Big trigger warning for domestic abuse.